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cydarizard asked: Okay, so apparently the Kingdom Hearts guys is only gonna be doing a super-exclusive signing, so nothing too fun at SDCC. :( I guess no one will ever be able to ask him questions about the plot of KH in English, 'cause you know it would make some poor translator's head explode. Also I think you've convinced me to get fire emblem for my 3DS! I can play it behind my table at otakon if no one buys my stuff.

Ah, okay, I was totally ready to go and fight off crowds to get some news for you! Who knows if anyone would even be able to articulate that, much less translate it D: 

And yay! It’s got a street pass feature so that you can pick up teams of the people you pass and battle them for experience and items and such :3. so you can grind a ton in AA!

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